Dandelion (Taraxacum) is the most common daisy you’ll see sprouting up in lawns & footpaths the world over. It is believed they evolved 30 million years ago in South East Russia & Eastern Europe. You may know the magic of this herb every time you blow the dandy’s seedhead to make a wish.
The whole of this robust herb can be used as medicine & food in many different ways. The young leaves, while a little bitter, can be eaten in a salad for vitamin A, C & K. To remove some bitterness you can blanch or saute the greens, but that magical bitter flavour is what makes Dandelions so effective at supporting the liver. The roots baked & powdered make an excellent coffee alternative. Dandelion root has a diuretic & digestive stimulant affect while supporting the liver (unlike coffee which overloads the liver). The flowers can even be made into a wine, the medicinal value of which is obviously questionable. 🌻

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