Yarrow (Achilles Millefolium) is native to temperate regions in the northern hemisphere & is grown as pasture fodder in the southern hemisphere. In New Mexico it is known as plumajillo, meaning “little feather” to describe the herbs leaf shape & texture. In Sanskrit it is called Biranjasipha & is used in Ayurvedic medicine for many gastrointestinal issues. In European folk medicine yarrow is known to stop the flow of blood & heal wounds, the herb was even called “nosebleed” for self explanatory reasons. Anywhere yarrow has grown people have found medicinal use for it.
Yarrow is a true master healer; offering potential remedy for colds & flus, hay fever, promoting menstruation, stopping internal bleeding as well as reducing inflammation & blood pressure among many more actions. The bitter flavour of the herb stimulates digestion & liver function making it a wonderful digestive tonic as well. 🌿

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