When The 5th Dimension sang that in 1969 The Age of Aquarius was dawning I believe they could indeed see the light of a swirling magenta sunrise in their minds eye. Fifty years later & I can feel the warmth of that same sun, now full in the morning sky, shining on my face. The light was too much at first, the rays burnt me, burnt lots of us. But the sun brings life, growth & it boosts our immune system & helps our bones grow.
Often I think of how the Aquarius archetype represents humanity, spiritual community, sharing intelligence & creating a better future for all. Then I wonder, is the Age of Aquarius the age of communication technology? Cause here we are. We changed the world this year from behind our screens, sitting at home in quarantine, our collective expression sang so loud it could not be ignored. Community leaders planned & organised online so when we were together protesting for justice we were safe & we were powerful.
This year has been a lot, & here I am adding my 2 cents to the deep ocean of the internet about how it’s made me feel, & what I hope will come from it. Grief is the word that comes to mind when reflecting on 2020. So many salty tears have fallen from our faces onto the ground & into the rivers on a journey for change. Aquarius as represented by The Star card in tarot intentionally pours that water, sharing experiences, pain, ideas & solutions to the whole world with the intention of healing.
This new year I swear to be intentional with my water. Choosing where my energy comes from & where it goes to. I will make mistakes, we all do, but this is a prayer for my actions to be aligned with my intentions. Is this the same wish I’ve made in the past? Probably, but every intervention made with love has potential for healing.

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