Who I am

My name is Fox & I am a Health Witch. Using old wisdom, modern science & practical logic my goal is to empower people to understand their health & body. I focus on listening, active support, education, harm minimisation & preventive care to influence well being & happiness for my clients. I aim to demystify the current medical system & put people’s health back into their own hands, where it belongs.

Who my clients are

I have a passion for supporting artists & activists who are hard working & determined for positive change in the world but are burnt out by lack of support. I want to assist these people so that they can continue to thrive in their industry, profession, vocation or passion. I also hope to support families with practical advice & education about nutrition & lifestyle to encourage the health & well being of future generations.

As a non-binary trans persxn I can offer the unique support needed by gender non-conforming & trans people. I am also offering reduced fees in consults for Indigenous Australians & Torres Strait Islander people. I will do my best to offer accessible support to those who are disadvantaged by the system, please be in touch if you have specific needs or financial limitations that should be considered.

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My qualifications & experience

I have a double advanced diploma in nutrition & naturopathy from The Australian Institute of Applied Sciences. This included study of anatomy & physiology, chemistry, clinical observation, counselling & therapies such as nutrition, herbalism, mineral therapy, massage & flower essences. I have experience working in a natural therapies student clinic as well as two years experience working in a health food store.

My location

I am based in the inner northern suburbs of Narrm (Melbourne) in so called Australia. I have a consultation room in Thornbury & am also available to do home visits for up to 20 kms away from Thornbury.

My social media

email: fox@healthwitch.com.au

facebook: @healthwitch

instagram: @foxpflueger


Portrait styling, makeup & photograph by Anto Christ

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