AIR ~ 20g


Inhale, exhale.

The herbs in this blend aid in focus & clarity of thought.




Herbal Smoking Blend


Inhale, exhale. The AIR Witch Stix blend is designed to help aid in focus & clarity of thought. Is your smoko break the only time you breathe deeply? Try this blend when you need to re-centre & think clearly; like while working on an academic paper or creative project. Add AIR to your pouch to slowly & easily withdraw from nicotine.
The AIR blend is a mix of mentally stimulating herbs Gotu Kola & Lobelia, with Peppermint & Marshmallow to cool & soothe the respiratory tract.

Herbs are packed in biodegradable cellulose bag.
Due to the seasonal nature of plants variety in quality, colour, & action can be expected from batch to batch.
While we do everything we can to ensure the most smokeable quality of our herbs, sometimes some sticks or bark may make it into your mix. Pull the bits out, and pop the herbs through a grinder or mull up with some scissors before rolling up to ensure a smooth smoke.

*Herbal actions mostly studied in extract tincture form, results from smoking may vary.

~Witch Stix are a harm minimisation product to support you to quit smoking more harmful substances. I make no health claims about the medicinal actions these products~

Not recommended for children, teenagers, pregnant women or people with a heart condition, bleeding disorders or taking lithium, CNS depressants or cyclosporine. Some of the herbs in WITCH STIX have an expectorant quality, this is a healing action to remove mucus or debris from the lungs. Your body should adjust after an initial period, if coughing persists for more than two weeks try a different blend or cease use entirely. Moderate intake to avoid adverse effects, please speak to your doctor if you have underlying medical condition/s or take medication before purchasing Witch Stix.

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