Poor physical & mental health can prevent us from reaching our potential & fulfilling our life goals. Finding the most informed & integrated ways to support our body & mind long-term is important for a happy & fullfilled life.
In a consultation we will work together to find the best lifestyle for you to support long term wellness. I focus on your experiences & personal insights to help enhance your nutritional habits & enhance your lifestyle choices to sustain good health & well being into your future.
With my experience, intuition & knowledge we can work together to find goals & make a plan that works for you. A Health Witch consultation will have you feeling empowered with a much greater understanding of what your body needs.

Let me help you heal yourself.

Holistic Health Consultation

Initial Consult

This involves a comprehensive & personalised consultation focusing on you & the disposition of your health. I will email you a extensive questionnaire before the consultation. This is so I can get an overview of your current health status & do background research on your case. Consultations take place via zoom to anywhere in the world.

During the consultation we will talk about the following topics in depth;

~Symptoms of concern

~Full medical & family history

~The functioning of your body systems (e.g respiratory system, nervous system etc)

~Nutritional evaluation

~Mental health


My goal is for you to feel empowered with a greater understanding of your body; how it works, and where it requires additional support through food and lifestyle changes.
Together we will write a treatment plan outlining ways to manage your wellbeing. These will be practical & achievable suggestions for improving your symptoms & preventing disease, this may include nutritional, lifestyle or herbal recommendations. These suggestions will be general, any perscriptive treatment plans will be created in follow up consultations.
Within a week of your initial consult I will email you with the treatment plan, including any resources I believe to be beneficial.


Follow up Consult
60 minutes

During a follow up consultation we will revisit the original treatment plan focusing on ways to improve on the first consult to work better for you. This is an opportunity to focus on a specific concerns or symptoms e.g digestive complaints, candida, detoxification, insomnia, skin conditions etc.

After your follow up consult I will email a special plan on how to clear blockages to your vital force and reduce unwanted symptoms, as well as suggestions for how to maintain your wellness into your life.
Within a week of your follow up consult I will email you with the treatment plan, including any resources I believe to be beneficial.



Initial consult: $50-$250
Follow up consult: $30-$200


Fee’s for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Initial consult: $30-$200
First follow up consult: Free
Further follow up onsults: $30 – $150 


*I accept payments within a sliding scale depending on the client’s income & expenses.
You are welcome to choose how much you can afford to pay, keeping in mind that the lower end of the scale is for people who are disadvantaged within the system (e.g differently-abled, chronically ill, citizenship status etc), & the higher end is for those who work full time and living comfortably. Please message if you’d like to talk more about what is an appropriate payment for you.

Iridology Reading

Iridology is a tool used by natural therapists to indicate elements of our health that require special care. The theory behind its mechanism is that information about disease, damage or weakness in body tissues is sent from the body through the central nervous system up the spinal cord to the brain, this information is then carried from the brain through the optic nerve & is shown in the texture & colour of the iris. This type of diagnostic tool is used to recognise parts of the body that are weakened by injury, disease or inherited conditions. The consult should give you a better understanding of your overall health constitution, genetic disposition & which organs or muscle tissues require more care than others.


Available in person or via email if you can take a high definition photo of your iris.



Full: $60
Concession: $40

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